Flamefast LN900 for Sale

For Sale: Flamefast LN900 gas kiln.


Awaiting Photos (I can't get them to load at the moment) though you can see them on our facebook page


Delightful little kiln, very rare (dating from the 1980's) and in excellent condition. I have only ever seen two of the type which I've pictured with the Pro-1 for size comparison. For those of you familiar with Flamefasts they are Intermediate between the LN1000 and the Flamefast minikiln. Chamber is 100x70x140 mm, similar to the Prometheus Pro 1 or Uhlig U5.
Runs on propane or butane and heats up amazingly quickly: 900 degrees C in around 10 minutes.
Old (obviously) but in perfect working order. Floor tile removable and also very clean.

All proceeds from this sale will go into Guild funds

Offers around £150 plus £15 post and packing.
Please email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.